Friday Give-Away!! {a yard sale sweater, a sneak peak at our room, and a lovely necklace to win!}

Friday, October 17

I go to grad school all day Thursday, and man, when I walk through the door around 10pm, I am exhausted! But then I get super giddy because IT'S THE WEEKEND! I'm gonna have me some fun:)

One lovely project i've been working on lately is our bedroom make over!! Loves, I'm So excited to share it with you... but you'll have to wait patiently as it still need a few finishing touches! Today is just a sneak peak…so get excited! My favorite thing to do in the morning is snuggle up in my big white chair, drink tea, and read. The sun shines through the windows, and I journal, pray, and just generally bask in all the light that surrounds me. If you're wondering if i'm actually reading that vintage book…the answer is YES. These old Readers Digests, that I swooped up at a yard sale for pennies, actually have some pretty hilarious and wholesome short stories in it. If you're asking me if I was reading it that very moment…totally not. It was staged…{cheers to being authentic!}. But that's pretty much what I look like every morning, cuddled in that chair with a book, ….but with scrubby jammies, messy hair and no make-up. I'll leave that up to your imagination!

Speaking of pennies...See the oversized maroon sweater i'm wearing? Twenty five cents at a yard sale, and it still had all the tags on it! I'm pretty sure it was probably a grammy sweater from Coldwater Creek or something, but I'm going with it! You can't beat 25 cents… {except when you have a scandalous experience with it…}


My favorite thing about my outfit it the gorgeous gold necklace hanging on my neck! I recently heard about a beautiful jewelery company called Ekata Designs. They are based in Memphis, TN and employ Nepali Refugees. swoon. You all know Nepal is very near and dear to my heart, as we lived there last year.
Not only is Ekata transforming the lives of refugees who are working to build a better life and a future here in America, but they also are creating some really innovative and adorable lines of jewelry! Today, I'm giving away the same necklace that I am wearing! 

Here's what you need to do to enter the give-away: 
1. Go to Ekata's website {here} and check out their jewelry
2. Leave a comment on my blog with your favorite Ekata piece
3. Follow Hope Engaged on Bloglovin, FB, and IG

That's all!! Good luck ladies!! Happy Weekend:) 

An extra dose of lovely words to pull you through today!!

Wednesday, October 15

From top to bottom & left to right….
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 //

Good words are healing balm for the soul. Soak in them today, heaven knows I need to!! You are so loved friend! Wish I was there to give you a hug and cheer you on today. We are all facing our own battles, so an extra does of kindness and lots of smiles are in order to give freely to all!! Let's spread the love!! Happy Wednesday! All these quotes and more can be seen on my pinterest board here. xoxo 

A few Fall favorites...

Monday, October 13

A few days ago, Kevin and I were reflecting on the most incredible Fall we experienced last year. Yes, exactly a year ago Kevin and I returned home from Nepal and drove up to Northern California to work the rice harvest for my dad. My dad, grandfather, and great grandfather have all been faithfully farming rice in the area for 100 years, and it is still a family owned operation! Kevin and I both drove tractors and helped bring in the rice harvest! It was truly magnificent! The days were long, but time spent out in the open fields painted with the most beautiful sunsets and brimming with wild life was so healing to my soul. It felt good to work hard with my hands.

Fall in Northern California is brilliant. The leaves turn and Bidwell Park lights up in the most radiant colors. It was awe and wonder to walk beneath the blazing boughs with friends, holding hot cups of tea and coffee, laced with conversation.

My mom made the home feel so cozy with her Fall decor, and the fire place was lit each night as we ate a hearty dinner. Each day it was early to the fields, long days of hard work, and home to a yummy dinner and early bed. On repeat. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. In case you missed my Fall experience last year, I've added a few of the links below! I hope it gets you even more into the Autumn spirit!!

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